Phase One and Two is concerned with “Data Modelling”

Data modelling (design) includes normalization, tables, primary keys, relationships, data-types, class-objecs, business rules etc etc so that data is standard, consistent and predictable i.e. data must serve the needs of the person using it i.e. the programmer, an end-user, a manager, a client, a supplier or the casual website visitor. Data modelling also includes the hardware choices, software choices and network choices so that adequate security and performances needs are met.

Phase One is a marketing document. What your program does. What problem does it solve? How would it be useful? 

Phase Two is more technical. How does your program work? Describe your tables and the fields in each table. What primary key will each table have. Describe the relationships between the tables (primary key to foreign key). The queries that will allow your program to function.

Click here for a guide on how to prepare, in a word processor, phase one of your PAT.