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This site is not a sequential Java textbook. Instead, it is a Java and SQL encyclopedia.

There are two ways to get help.

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  3.  This site is based on the Java by Example approach – less explanation and more examples. View or download the coded examples and study them, code them, run them, edit them, break them . . . this is how professional coders learn.
  4. There are two “Java by Example” textbooks that are a companion to this website. These textbooks offer an sequential learning experience grade by grade.

Steve Eilertsen –

inter school java competition

Gr 11 – Date time methods

Java - LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime These date time classes have a number of methods. Here is the list . . . Cautionary: Some of these methods are static, some are non-static, some need parameters, some are void, some are typed. See code examples for more...

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Gr 11 – Past papers 2022

Here is a list of IT exams, both IT theory and practical Java coding for grade 11 - both the question paper and the memo. Note: Some questions are quite experimental in nature. If a question does not suit your needs merely move onto the next question. There are also...

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Gr 10 – Past papers 2022

Here is a list of 2022 IT examination papers for grade 10 - both Java and IT theory. Note that in some papers question one is experimental and therefore may not match your needs. In this case just move onto the next question. There may also be some back pages where a...

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PAT – How to start

PAT - How to start lesson You will need your Funworks grade 12 Java text book page 152 onwards There is also an alternative handout called Grade 12 Performance Assessment Task (PAT)  Meeting in _General_-20230126_145010-Meeting Recording.mp4

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Gr 11 – Date Time

Everything you need to know about time and date contained in 17 Java mini example programs. How to create date-time objects, and how to do date-time calcultions. The text file contains  the method analysis tables for each method used. Sorting with the bubble sort...

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