How to use this site

This site is not a sequential Java textbook. Instead, it is a Java and SQL encyclopedia.

There are two ways to get help.

  1. On the right, you will find the topics sorted by grades.
  2. On the top right you will find a search bar where you can search by keywords eg class diagram, rounding, tracetables, debug etc
  3.  This site is based on the Java by Example approach – less explanation and more examples. View or download the coded examples and study them, code them, run them, edit them, break them . . . this is how professional coders learn.
  4. There are two “Java by Example” textbooks that are a companion to this website. These textbooks offer an sequential learning experience grade by grade.

Steve Eilertsen –

EDTECH – 8,9 Image search

Do an image search for the following 23 images.  Do this by clicking on the link, right clicking and choosing "Search image with Google lens.". If you don't get the results you are looking for choose "Retry with Google images." Create an Excel spreadsheet with the...

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Gr All – Generate random

Being able in Java to generate a random, from an arbitrary number, to another arbitrary number (from lower bound to upper bound). This program generates 20 random numbers to ensure that both the upper bound and the lower bound feature in the solution. Here is the...

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Gr 12 – PAT help files

When preparing your Java application program for your grade 12 PAT project, you need to include online help for the user eg dialog boxes, helpful messages and prompts, tooltips,  and of course context-sensitive help for each of the major GUIs. Context-sensitive help...

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Gr 12 – SQLite

SQLite is a serverless SQL solution which makes it perfect for your grade 12 PAT. It is also suitable for a LAN with tight security restrictions. SQLite is open source and is perhaps the most used code on the planet - it is even in your browser software. Most of the...

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Gr 10 – GUIs 102

The weather station project. How to code a Java weather station application (part of a much bigger project) that reads in temperature, wind speed, rain, and cloud cover from 4 different text files and then calculates the average value for each. The average value is...

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