-Cloud Computing.

SaaS – Software as a Service. Here End-Users can use existing applications online usually through their browser. Software is not downloaded and is usually paid for monthly. Example: Using a wordprocessor offered by Google.

PaaS – Platform as a Service. Here Developers can create their own cloud applications using supplier specific tools and frameworks (not a formal computer language). Example: Create your PAT with GUI’s, forms, menus, reports and a SQL database online using Formstack. (Formstack is a drag-and-drop, low code platform that allows to code your own application online)

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service. Here System Administrators can can a virtual server, computer, LAN or desktop. Onto the virtual infrastructore they can load their own applications. Example: Awason Web Services (AWS) where you can create a virtual Linux server running Ubuntu Server version 18. Onto this virtual server, which you can view through your browser, you can load your own software.