Using the Java Debugger in NetBeans is not as easy as it looks. Here is a demo with a four class program that uses inheritance.

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If your knowledge of Java inheritance is not good perhaps you should watch this presentation first. It also demonstrates the debugger but gives more background on inheritance at the same time. Then you should watch the presentation above for more detail on the debugging tool in NetBeans.

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Debugging shortcuts

Ctrl-F5. Start debugging main project

Ctrl-Shift-F5. Start debugging current file

Ctrl-Shift-F6. Start debugging test for file

Shift-F5/F5. Stop/continue debugging session

F4. Run to cursor location in file

F7/F8. Step into/over

Ctrl-F7. Step out

Ctrl-Alt-Up. Go to called method

Ctrl-Alt-Down. Go to calling method

Ctrl-F9. Evaluate expression

Ctrl-F8. Toggle breakpoint

Ctrl-Shift-F8. New breakpoint

Ctrl-Shift-F7. New watch