The weather station project.

How to code a Java weather station application (part of a much bigger project) that reads in temperature, wind speed, rain, and cloud cover from 4 different text files and then calculates the average value for each. The average value is reported to output GUI. This application uses the Scanner class to read the data from the text files. To assist with downloads the project has been broken into a number of parts which makes the file sizes smaller.

The application has a welcome GUI that allows the user to specify – temperature or wind or rain or cloud cover. 

Suitable images are also used to complement the look and feel of the project.

Part one. Creating and placing the text files.

Part two. Preparing the GUIs to accept an image

Part three. How to layer the image into the GUI

Part four. Coding the while loop to read in the values from one of the text files

Part five. The new welcome UI screen and menu